The Grim Reaping Challenge: An explanation

29 Jun

Grim Reaping Legacy Challenge:

Okay, what I’m doing really isn’t a challenge per se; I’m doing the normal legacy 10 generation thing. But, someone asked that I write out rules for what I’m doing in case anyone else wanted to try. They won’t be extensive, but I figured it would be nice to have something to explain a little about what I’m doing.

The reason: I get tired of having only face one options by generation three. I figured, what if I collected the souls of famous generation one sims? What if I kept them around as ghosts so I can pick and choose and then see how a sim at generation ten will look if I mix the genetics of all the famous families of Sunset Valley? And how better to keep them around other than as ghosts? So, my ‘challenge’ began to form in my mind.

That is why I had one sim to start with that would murder all the major players, and make it fun by making them all different color ghosts? I figured it would make for a great story too, so there you go, and that is what I am doing. Now I will outline my ‘official’ rules if anyone else wants to join in the fun.


Start with an evil sim that is mean spirited so they constantly roll the “see so and so’s ghost” wishes. FYI Angela actually rolled that for Xander so he was my first victim.

Using the regular plot is a good idea, but I didn’t with mine only because I really wanted the studio and that is the only plot that it fits. I used the next biggest outside town.

First Generation must haves:

1. Must top logic or move someone in to top logic so you can make the young again potion. After this is possible, make as many as you can that will be passed down the family line for at least six ghosts or sims.
2. Kill at least six other sims for the following ghosts: water, electric, fire, vampire, old age, and starvation. The other sims married in will be: a robot, an imaginary friend, and a genie so you will need various expansions. If you do not have the required expansions, you may add other supernatural spouses such as the mummy, vampire or anything from future expansions.
Bonus: Get a meteor ghost.
3. Top your sims’ lifetime wish before starting the murder spree. This will allow you to have enough money to build a better place, and get enough LTH points for needed rewards.
4. Once you start the murder spree, if you can bag the Grim Reaper as a spouse you get an additional bonus.
5. Once all the necessary ghosts are bagged, start the actual legacy by taking a Young Again potion, finding a spouse if you didn’t get the Grim Reaper, and have children.

Generation Two:

1. You will need to have one sim top gardening to get life fruit, one to top fishing for the death fish, and one to top cooking for ambrosia. You may use one sim to top two, but not all three. This just makes it more interesting to me I think.
2. Make one plate of ambrosia for a spouse to be resurrected and made NOT a ghost for the next generation. The goal is to NOT have ghost babies, that is what makes it a bit more challenging. So, the spouse MUST be a normal sim before making babies.
3. Wait for the “rez a ghost” call from the Science lab, rez the chosen spouse and work on getting the Ambrosia. Then, use the Young Again potion to make them as young as the heir to start the babies for that generation.

Special: Only one Ambrosia is allowed per generation.

Generation three and on:

1. Repeat the rules for Generation Two.
2. What is allowed: at some point you need to make a spouse out of an Imaginary Friend, a simbot, and a genie to add some flavor.
3. Normal legacy points apply so a point for getting portraits, and LTH of 100,000, for having 1 Million simoleons etc.
4. IMPORTANT RULE: If you do not use a ghost sim for a generation after the first one, you MUST kill a family member that is not heir, to appease the Grim Reaper. For example, if you marry a normal sim from generation one, you must kill another sibling from generation two to take his ‘spot’ and use the ambrosia on that sibling to fulfill the challenge of using it once per generation.
After generation one you may NOT use the young again potion again until you rez a ghost.

I hope this makes sense and I hope anyone who wants to try does! Suggestions are always welcome, and I will gladly add to it as I play through.


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3 responses to “The Grim Reaping Challenge: An explanation

  1. Jenn

    May 24, 2013 at 2:52 am

    I am doing one! #Reaping Challenge on tumblr. I have it listed as a challenge because it’s very different than how I normally play.

    • Simsnewbie23

      May 24, 2013 at 1:16 pm

      cool, I’ll check it out! I guess it might be embarrassing when you finish yours first lol

      • Jenn

        May 24, 2013 at 1:19 pm

        LOL! I highly doubt that! I also remember why I quit Tumblr. I fail at it. I might put it as a short legacy on a blog somewhere.


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