Day 12 and 13 and Advisor Advice

03-10-17_9:03:29 PM

Lala was getting stuck at having 15 new types of fish, so she was sent to the Oasis Springs park once more to try using fish as bait.  She had an argument about prime spots with another sim, but she eventually got working.  There were no new species to be found.


Skills: Gardening 4

Fish Caught: 2 Discus, 1 Goldfish, 1 Kissing Gourami, 1 Koi and 2 Catfish

Day 13:

03-10-17_9:04:38 PM

Lala again headed to the park after dealing with her garden.  It takes a bit longer now that she can weed the plants.

While trying to set up at her favorite spot, Jonathan London decided to come over and check her out.  She showed no interest, and went back to fishing.


Skills: No changes

Fish Caught: 2 Discus, 1 Bass, 1 Tetra, 2 Minnow, 1 Perch, 2 Angelfish, 1 Salmon and 1 Catfish.  A kitchen Upgrade.

It was at this point that I got a ‘summons’ from my ‘Advisor’.  She spent the next two hours going over how dull my updates had been.  “It is mostly statistics!  Can you not show more?”

I expressed confusion, I thought this was just like a normal lab.  I was to track everything, and use the pictures to show some evidence.  It was my understanding that data was the real way to learn both by myself and anyone that would look over my work in the future.

She then said, and I quote, “If they get past the boring shit first.”

Fine, if she wants more ‘action’, I will try my best to excite her.

03-10-17_9:09:01 PM

Day 15

I sent Lala to a local watering hole in Oasis Springs.  She invited her friend Dina Caliente along, and the two ordered a drink.

03-10-17_9:09:24 PM

A Trenton Moon entered the Rattlesnake Bar, and looked slightly promising.

03-10-17_9:11:03 PM

And so the dating game begins!

“Bachelor No. 1 Tenton Moon, what is your thoughts on the fresh smell of a gutted fish?”

“Is she for real?”

“Hmm, yes I AM for real.  Bachelor No. 2 (Carlos Mcclain), what are your thoughts on female sims living in a bear outfit?”


“My thoughts exactly!  Bachelor No. 3 (J. Huntinton III) What is your dream date?”

“Oh dear girl, I would never date someone who drinks red wine.”

Dun Dun DUUUUUN!   And that is all we have time for today folks!  Who will she chose to pursue?  Tune in next time to find out!

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Day Eight, Nine, Ten and Eleven

03-10-17_8:11:04 PM

After taking care of her garden, I sent Lala off to the park where she would start spending the next week to level her fishing and to catch new species of fish.

03-10-17_8:15:15 PM

After spending the whole day and a lot of the evening doing that, she took a break to cook a plate of burnt fish for everyone.  She then spent the evening talking with Liberty Lee to raise her social.  It was a very dull day, but a successful one in relation to fishing.

Day 8 Stats:

Skills: 8 Fishing, 2 Gardening

Fish Caught: 2 Minnow, 1 Bass, 1 Catfish, 1 Walleye, 1 Perch, 1 Salmon, 1 Yellow Perch, 1 Koi, 1 Goldfish, 1 Parsley

Day Nine:

03-10-17_8:20:48 PM

After feeding herself, and taking care of her garden, Lala hurried off to visit the park in Willow Creek.

03-10-17_8:22:11 PM

Lala found a great spot that happened to have some good views and fish.  Not to mention a rather attractive male sim, which brought to mind how quickly her young adult years were coming to and end she needed to start thinking about a husband.  His name was Jonathan London, but the two never got a chance to speak.

03-10-17_8:38:27 PM

Lala returned home with a bag full of fish.  After eating a fresh caught one, she went to bed.

End of Day Nine Stats:

Skills: Non raised.

Fish Caught: Salmon 1, Guppy 2, Goldfish 3, Catfish 1, Angelfish 3, Cichild 1, Kissing Gourami: 1, Cowberry Plant seed, electronic upgrade part.

Bills: $229

Day Ten:

03-10-17_8:41:00 PM

Lala spent the whole day gardening and fishing.  She did take a break to chat with Aria Purdy between the two tasks.  It was a boring day.

Day 10 Stats:

Skills: 4 Charisma, 9 Fishing

Fish Caught: 3 Guppy, 2 Koi, 1 Perch, 2 Minnow, 1 Bass, 1 Tetra

Day Eleven:

03-10-17_8:50:06 PM

Because she was a bit bored and stressed out, or maybe that was me?, Lala invited Dina Caliente to the Oasis Springs park.  The two renewed their friendship chatting before splitting off to their own activities which consisted of fishing for Lala and who knows what for Dina.

Day 11 Stats:

Skills: None Raised

Fish Caught: 2 Tilapia, 2 Beta, 3 Minnow, 1 Rainbow Fish, 1 Catfish, 3 Discus, 1 Kissing Gourami, the Wafflkone the Llama Corn Talking Doll


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Day Six and Seven

03-10-17_7:30:16 PM

Lala was up early the next day, and found a new spot to fish.  She started using the minnows in her pack as bait in an attempt to catch bigger fish.  She also found quite a few seeds and plants that she harvested to replant at home to help her garden grow even more.

03-10-17_7:34:10 PM

She hurried back to her camp having skipped breakfast, and cooked up some pork n’ beans to enjoy.

03-10-17_7:34:33 PM

Unlike the fish over a fire pit, she had more than one serving that I felt was a complete waste since she had nowhere to store it ensuring it would go bad.

03-10-17_7:35:25 PM

After lunch, she went for a long walk around the various trails.  I was hoping she would find even more seeds and plants.  She ran into a local park ranger Philip Springer, and the two quickly became friends over their shared love of the outdoors.

03-10-17_7:37:56 PM

At camp that evening, Lala made her fire very high and she enjoyed the warmth.  As I had expected, the pork n’ beans went bad, so she was forced to have another crispy fish for dinner.

End of day 6 stats:

Skills:  3 Cooking, 3 Comedy

Fish Caught:  1 Bass, 2 Catfish, 1 Salmon, and 3 Strawberries

Day Seven:

03-10-17_7:39:21 PM

While chowing down on a bowl of cereal from her cooler, Lala made use of the horseshoe game that was already set up at the campsite.

03-10-17_7:41:38 PM

Back to the daily grind.

03-10-17_7:45:00 PM

Lala took a mid-day break and made herself some burgers.  I am not sure where she got the ground beef, but she was quite pleased with herself.

03-10-17_7:48:57 PM

With her vacation about to wind up, she spent the rest of her trip trying to catch still more fish using other fish as bait.

03-10-17_7:53:22 PM

At the end of it, Lala came back home.  It was a great vacation, and it helped to find a few new species of fish.  That would be the next goal, finding even more since she would need to eventually find 20 different species for her first Aspiration.

03-10-17_8:07:02 PM

She finished the day taking care of her vastly increasing garden.

End of Day seven stats:

Skills: 7 Fishing

Fish Caught: 1 Minnow, 1 Perch, 2 Trout, 1 Bass, 1 Yellow Perch, 1 Red Crawdad

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Day Four and Five

03-10-17_7:06:57 PM

Lala was very hungry when she awoke the next day.  I commanded her to water her growing garden first, and then allowed her to have a plate of fresh fish before selling the rest of it.  Since the assignment was to follow the ‘Gerner’ family ten generations, eventually she would need a house to have a family.

03-10-17_7:08:09 PM

Her friend Aria Purdy was walking by on her way home from work, it seems she is a police detective.  Now that is a friend I can get behind, the woman was a hard worker and ambitious much like myself.  That Dina was a bit on the lazy side and had no job.

03-10-17_7:09:12 PM

The two took a picture together, and after a bit of conversation, Aria was on her way only wanting a soft place to lay after a stressful evening.

03-10-17_7:10:46 PM

Which meant another day of fishing for Lala.  Again her wishes for bigger fish, or for using bait kept her very happy indeed.

03-10-17_7:13:52 PM

Tonight Lala had no visitors, so she ate her crispy fish after burning her arm while lighting the fire.  And she was eager to climb into her tent to rest.

End of Day Four stats:

3 Charisma, 2 Cooking, 6 Fishing

Fish Caught:  1 Goldfish, 4 Cichild, 3 Trout, 2 Guppy, 1 Koi and 1 Electronic Upgrade Part

Day Five:

03-10-17_7:18:55 PM

To reward Lala after a long week working toward her goals, I allowed Lala to take a cheap vacation in Granite Falls for three days.

03-10-17_7:20:34 PM

Of course, she had to fish.  There were new species to be caught after all!

03-10-17_7:25:15 PM

On her way back to camp, she ran into a rather unpleasant woman in a bear outfit.  The woman screamed an insult at her, and disappeared too quickly for me to make note of her name.  Poor Lala was left a bit rattled by the encounter.

03-10-17_7:19:53 PM

She laid down on the ground a gazed dreamily at the clouds overhead to de-stress from the encounter.

03-10-17_7:28:19 PM

Then back to the regular routine of cooking her fresh catch of the day.

Day 5 End stats:

No skill increases

Fish Caught:  3 Minnow, 1 Perch

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Day Two And Three

03-10-17_6:41:42 PM

The Subject Lala woke early the next morning fully rested.  I was shocked to see a fully grown tree had sprouted from the seed she had planted the night before.  And a bush too!  Advisor was understating it when she said the life cycle of a sim was short, and all things in their world.

03-10-17_6:44:29 PM

Lala had seemed a little lonely, so to ensure she would give me no trouble in fishing, I allowed her to strike up a conversation with some passing neighborhood sims.  She spoke with a Katherine Hanley, who left shortly after.  Dina Caliente stuck around and the two chatted for some time.

03-10-17_6:45:22 PM

I am not sure I trust this Dina Caliente, she seemed to be disturbed by some of Lala’s stories.  I will keep an eye on that one.

03-10-17_6:46:32 PM

Back to fishing.

03-10-17_6:48:30 PM

Today Lala was pleased to catch a few more fish than the day prior.

03-10-17_6:51:24 PM

Since Lala had to eat her first catch, I did give into one of her frivolous wishes and allowed her to mount her second.  It now has a spot on the bathroom wall since she has so little space.

03-10-17_6:52:19 PM

The night was a repeat of her first day, as she ate one of her catches after making it extra crispy over the open flame.

Day Two stats:  2 Charisma, 2 Comedy, 4 Fishing, 1 Video Gaming.

Fish Caught:  3 Cichild, 1 Kissing Gourami, 1 Guppy, 1 Goldfish, 1 Angelfish

Day Three

03-10-17_6:56:06 PM

Day three was a quick day since Lala spent it fishing.  While I would be mad with boredom by now, Lala seemed to enjoy the day outside in the sun doing her favorite thing.  She rolled wishes about fishing like mad so she was easy to keep happy.

03-10-17_7:02:08 PM

Dina Caliente called and asked Lala if she could come over to hang out later that day, and Lala eagerly agreed despite my reservations about the other sim.

03-10-17_7:03:38 PM

Shortly after, her other friend Aria Purdy showed up on her own and joined the other two around the fire pit.

03-10-17_7:03:04 PM

After another plate of her fresh caught fish, I heavily suggested to Lala to ask Dina to go for the evening since it was late and Aria had already left.

“Long day ahead of me tomorrow, thank you for hanging out!”  Lala said, and after a second of hesitation and an odd look, Dina left.

Lala climbed into her tent content with the way things were going judging by how often she has the ‘happy’ moodlet.

Day 3 Stats:

Skills: 5 Fishing

Fish Caught: 1 Koi, 1 Cichild, 1 Trout, 1 Angelfish, 1 Guppy, 1 Goldfish, a Lemon and 1 Electronic Upgrade Part

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Day 1 – Subject Lala

03-10-17_6:13:12 PM

Lala, that was the name of my subject.  A subject for a ‘special project’ forced upon my by my oh-so-understanding Advisor.  What a bitch.  It wasn’t my fault that I found the program she designed dull and frankly, beneath me.  I have tested as gifted my whole life after all, is it my fault I wanted a true challenge?

Well, here it is I supposed.  While it was a humanoid in looks, the sim reminded me of that project you get in middle school where you have to take care of an egg for a week to pretend it prepares you for having a kid one day.  Whatever.

Lala Gerner, how childish to give her my own last name, was the sort of personality I hated.  She was cheerful, family orientated and loved the outdoors, the sort of person that was most likely always bubbly with some boring story about something cute a family member did, or had a phone full of puppy and kitten videos.

But I would show my dumb Advisor, I would ace this as I do everything!  The first thing I did for dear ol’ Lala, was get her home at Arid Ridge in the Oasis Springs.  It was a roomy lot, but being that she loved the outdoors SO much, I gave her just the basic.

03-10-17_6:21:21 PM

A roomy tent, a small room for a shower and a toilet, some planters to start gardening and a fire pit surrounded by chairs so she could burn her fish to a crisp for dinner every night.

Oddly, Lala seemed to really like it.

03-10-17_6:28:36 PM

She started cooking a veggie dog on the firepit right away, though she did accidentally singe her hand with the fire.  But we aren’t here for her to sing Kumbaya, she was here to reach her life goal of being an Angling Ace.

03-10-17_6:30:29 PM

There was a small river area behind the house that was across the street from her nearly empty lot.  I sent her there to begin her long, dull career in fishing.

03-10-17_6:32:16 PM At first, as one would expect from a sim with no skills, she was not very successful but I kept insisting she fish to get that to change.

03-10-17_6:33:15 PM

And eventually, she caught her very first fish: a Cichild.  In fact, that was all she caught.  A start anyway I suppose.

03-10-17_6:22:27 PM

I had her come home, and start her garden after purchasing some seeds.  We would eventually build a rather large one since I plan to go above and beyond the assignment and work on two different aspirations.  I would excel here as I do at everything!

03-10-17_6:23:44 PM

Behind my back, Lala introduced herself to a passing sim, an Aria Purdy.  After letting her chit chat to fulfill a few wishes of the social sort, I forced her back to the plan.

03-10-17_6:39:00 PM

I had her cook the very cichild she had caught, and she ate a slightly crispy fresh catch.  It actually pleased her.  I will never understand this sim, but whatever.  She settled into her tent for the night and Day 1 was officially over.

Fish Caught:  1 Cichild

Skills earned:  Charisma 1, Comedy 1, Cooking 1, Fishing 2, Gardening 1

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Sims 4, giving it a go

Okay, it has been years since I wanted to throw my computer out due to Sims 3 being a glitched mass of messes.

I bought Sims 4, and I kinda like it though I can’t help but feel it is just an upgraded Sims 2.  Nothing new or ground breaking and the expansions are just glorified Stuff packs that they have decided to drag out for the next 20 years so they don’t have to start all over again with Sims 5.  Seriously?  City Living and Get Together expansion packs?  I did like the Get to Work one, and that, until today’s sale, is the only one I had.

Anyway, here we go!

I started a new legacy called the Miscellaneous Sims Legacy or the Misc Files.  It starts when a Master’s Program student gets a letter from her Advisor.

Dear Ms. Gerner,

You have made a note in your folder that you find a lot of the classes and labs you are currently taking to be a bit of a bore.  I do apologize that you aren’t appropriately challenged in this program, so I have done you a favor and put in for a special project on your behalf.  It is called the Morris Initiative Life and Death Study.

You will be assigned a subject, or Sim if you will.  These sims live on a much shorter life cycle than we do as humans.  We also possess a certain power over them, for a lack of a better way to describe it.  It will be your duty to guide your chosen Sim, a Lala Gerner (like the name?) to happiness, fulfillment and into a great legacy.

The Sim, while mostly dependent on your direct input into day to day activities, will be able to express to you their inner-most wishes.  Do yourself, and Lala, a favor and fulfill as many as those that you can.  At the end of ten generations, you will be given a grade that will far outweigh all other course work.  If you fail the challenge, you fail your program.  How is that incentive for you?

I hope this livens up your program a bit, and you aren’t too bored with the challenge!  Good luck, I look forward to see how you succeed.


Ms.  Errand Giver

Attached to the letter was a single photograph with an description on the back:

Lala Gerner: Young Adult Sim that Loves the Outdoors, is Family orientated, a collector and is cheerful.  She wishes to be an Angling Ace.

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