Grace Legacy: Chapter 10

06-24-18_3:02:01 PM

Little Cheer Grace is a smart little booger, and half alien to boot.  She will be the third generation heir if dear Mirth doesn’t get pregnant off a probe.

06-24-18_3:05:43 PM

Her great Aunt Charity is an elder, so she learns much faster with her.  Sometimes I get confused who is who’s direct relative because this family is so messed up.

06-24-18_4:02:34 PM

These two are close and cute together.

06-28-18_6:50:14 PM

Mirth has been alien abducted four times now, and he isn’t pregnant.

“I’m trying I swear!” -Mirth

06-28-18_6:51:03 PM

He is now an adult, so his ‘line’ may die out.

06-28-18_6:57:57 PM

This is after he returned from another abduction.  “They said Happy Birthday!” -Mirth

Did they probe you?  “Of course!” – Mirth

You better be pregnant.

06-28-18_6:56:31 PM

I had to go with this hair because of her father Blaze’s do.

06-28-18_7:38:52 PM

You tell them to impregnate you!  If they don’t, they better keep you up there!

07-01-18_4:56:19 PM

About F-ing time!

“This isn’t fun at all.” -Mirth

06-28-18_7:46:44 PM

I forgot to tell you, but Cheer is working on the Social Butterfly.  She literally got to level 5 Charisma, that’s right, Charisma before she even made a single friend.

07-01-18_4:57:15 PM

She is very cute.

07-01-18_4:57:59 PM

“Hello there future baby daddy!” – Mirth

“Wait, what?” – Guy whose name I forget.

07-01-18_5:35:36 PM

“Mom is Uncle Mirth getting fat?” – Cheer

“We don’t talk about it dear” – Joy

“I’m right here!” – Mirth

07-01-18_6:19:13 PM

So, this is in the basement of the new house I didn’t build but instead downloaded.  I was going to build, really I was, I even designed it by hand.  But as I built it, I realized I hated it and downloaded one instead.

Charity has the Long Lived perk so even though her life bar is on the “you’ze gonna die!” day, she is hanging on.  But she keeps exercising and then getting the “totally gonna die” exhaustion buff.

07-01-18_6:22:08 PM

But she pulls through and helps her grand-niece with her homework.

07-01-18_6:13:30 PM

Here is the house.  I sure wish I’d written down the creator, I got it from the exchange.  It is really nice, so I should totally find it again so I can give them proper credit.

07-01-18_6:46:38 PM

Look we got a dog!  Just kidding, no we didn’t.  I didn’t hit “adopt” fast enough, so the lady took him away.  I will try to adopt again later.

07-01-18_6:30:52 PM

“Oh shit, look what I made!” – Mirth

I at first thought it was a girl, so ‘her’ name is Splendor.  Later on I realized he had the option to do a “He’s so…..cute?”  Dang it, another boy!  Oh well, I may break my rule and move in a wife, have her pop out a kid, and then get divorced or something.

07-01-18_7:17:30 PM

Now that she is a true grandma, I wonder if Charity will finally kick the bucket.

“After I train him in his toddler skills first.” – Charity

07-01-18_7:53:10 PM

“Hello future baby daddy!”  – Cheer

“Wait what?”

So, I had Cheer befriend him and a dude called Gunther so she could have 2 adult friends, but I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t count toward her kid LTW.  I finally moused over his picture and realized he is a teen.  So, he will be aged up when she hits adult.  I eventually did befriend another adult, and she got the Social Butterfly achievement.  I may do a social LTW with her as an adult.

07-01-18_7:00:22 PM

Mirth reached the top of his career, and I promptly had him join a different job, and he instantly was level 3 in that career and has reached his LTW to be a renaissance sim so he is now working on the fortune one.

07-01-18_7:54:46 PM

I allowed these two to bond and befriend each other.

07-01-18_5:25:46 PM

Dear Joy here has been busy.  She reached the top of her writing career, and also finished the LTW concerning art.  She also instantly reached the top of the fortune one so she has finished 5 aspirations, two as a kid and three as an adult.  I now have her working on the Mansion one, but I doubt I will finished it because I don’t care enough to put in 20 columns.  Well, I guess next time we shall see if Charity finally kicks it, and I will decide what to do with Splendor.



Grace Legacy: Chapter 9


06-23-18_2:48:50 PM

And so the third generation takes over with Joy aging up.  She gets a job in the Writer Career.

06-23-18_2:49:43 PM

“Hey thanks for hanging out and eating cake with me high school bff that will never age.” – Joy

“Hoping to marry your brother.”

“Cousin.  And he isn’t going to marry, none of us are.” – Joy  “Have fun watching my family age as you live forever never marrying in.”

06-23-18_3:27:39 PM

Since I plan to make Mirth a scientist, he is working on the necessary skills for it.  Plus, as a renaissance sim, he needs a ton of skills.  Seems he isn’t against cheating.

06-23-18_3:30:12 PM

“Seriously Mom, helping me with my homework?  I’m a genius!” – Mirth

06-23-18_3:32:04 PM

Mirth has his mother Mentor him in exercise, making it rise up really fast.  Okay, I spent a lot of time playing out their various adulthood/teen/young adult years since it was pretty much the same shit.  I had Joy writing lots of books, Charity hitting the top of her career and keeping working until she is an elder, Hope doing the same with her job, and painting a lot, and really focusing on skilling Mirth.

06-23-18_4:09:49 PM

After he reached level 3 in the teen career (helping him with his LTW), he finally hit adulthood.

06-23-18_4:22:18 PM

And he is a scientist now.  I go to work with him because I want him to make the satellite to summon aliens.  He will give me an alien baby damn it.

06-23-18_4:31:12 PM

“Will I finally get to retire?” – Hope

Yes, and make me lots of  Masterpiece Paintings please.

06-23-18_4:58:39 PM

“Wow mom, you got old!”  – Joy

“Yep, so hurry up with the babies please.” – Hope

06-23-18_6:27:28 PM

If I am not watching him like a hawk, Mirth starts playing the violin.  Makes me sorry he couldn’t join the police track; could be a Sherlock Holmes character without the bad attitude and drug addiction.

06-23-18_6:47:29 PM

To meet people and work on Charisma, Mirth went to the local spice festival.

06-23-18_6:49:05 PM

Well hello there future baby maker.  No, not the alien, the redhead.

His name is Blaze Zaidi.

06-23-18_7:13:41 PM

This was Hope’s first masterpiece.  I loved it for some reason.  Not enough to keep though, I need simoleons.  I will eventually make a bigger house.

06-23-18_7:48:27 PM

Blaze met Mirth somewhere.

06-23-18_7:49:26 PM

I mean it wasn’t to make him meet Joy or anything.  (It totally was)

06-23-18_8:04:15 PM

After inviting him over, she got moving quick.  That painting on the wall has a flirty aura FYI.

06-23-18_6:54:32 PM

“Should we check on Joy?” – Mirth

“She’s doing the family business, you leave her be.” – A newly elderfied Charity.

She retired, and is now learning to make things on a the wood bench and mentoring Mirth as much as she can.

06-23-18_8:05:37 PM

“Now let’s get me pregnant!” – Joy

*Joy learns that Blaze is an alien* – Game

Wait, what?

06-23-18_8:13:28 PM


06-23-18_8:20:26 PM


06-23-18_8:21:51 PM

“I heard Mirth got probed last night. ” – Joy

“You were on the ship too?  Sounds unpleasant.” – Hope

“No, I wasn’t there, I mean, someone told me!  Sheesh old lady.” – Joy

Mirth did not get pregnant.

06-23-18_8:50:33 PM

I used the satellite at home hoping to get him abducted again, instead an impromptu party of aliens happened instead.

06-23-18_8:39:03 PM

Hope decided to die in the bathroom making it hard to take pictures without the walls down.

06-23-18_8:47:37 PM

Joy is huge, I hope she isn’t pregnant with twins.

06-23-18_8:55:50 PM


06-23-18_9:00:05 PM

And little Cheer Grace was brought into the world.  Her father Blaze calls to ask Joy on dates all the time, but she is busy yo!  She finished her writing LTW and is now working on the art one.  With Hope dead, someone has to paint.

06-23-18_9:27:55 PM

I don’t know for sure since I stopped playing shortly after this, but I don’t think he is pregnant.  I played another sim in the science career and he got abducted ALL THE TIME, and pregnant all the time too.   This guy must just talk with the aliens instead of getting probed.

06-23-18_9:48:28 PM

Cheer, our little part alien baby, grew up into a toddler.  I don’t remember what trait I gave her, I use a random number generator called my son.  I ask him to choose 1 – 8 since there are 8 of them.  I think she is clingy, but I’m probably wrong.  I really should write this stuff down.


Grace Legacy: Chapter 8

06-20-18_4:33:47 PM

This will be a short chapter.  While I did a lot, and time passed I seemed to have taken very few pictures.  Joy has lost a lot of weight because I make her exercise.  I think she looks a little retro, almost Pink Lady material.  Oh, and her LTW aspiration is the writing one.  I also got her a part time job at the coffee shop.

06-20-18_4:42:27 PM

Ever since Hope reached the top of her career, she just pretty much exists.  She paints and cooks, and that is about it.  I have her help her daughter with homework when she isn’t trying to lose weight herself.

06-20-18_6:00:34 PM

Mirth isn’t as happy that his BFF grew up to a moody teenager.

06-20-18_6:10:05 PM

Hope is already an adult, and she made a cake for her little sister Charity since she is becoming an adult.  While Charity reached her LTW of body perfection, she still needs to reach the top of the athletic career.  Spoiler alert, she eventually does.

06-20-18_6:10:26 PM

Though she appears to be alone, there are three people across the room.  I’m not the best at taking pictures.  I was also trying to catch the funny face she made as she blew out candles.

06-20-18_6:50:23 PM

This was to show that before aging up Mirth tried to show up his cousin by achieving 3 child aspirations.  He had the mental one, the art one, and he also reached the motor skill one JUST as he was due to age up.

06-20-18_6:51:15 PM

And that is why he is miserable before he blows out his candles.  The poor kid was exhausted from all the playing I made him do.

06-20-18_7:03:25 PM

He is adorable, and I hate that the only way for him to pass on his genes is by erasing all the hard work and getting knocked up by a face 1 alien.  I’m going to do it anyway.

06-20-18_7:01:24 PM

He has the Renaissance Sim Aspiration, so he is working on leveling chess.  I will be putting him in the science career, so may as well get it done now.

06-20-18_7:05:44 PM

I was going to age up Victor and Don but I decided I kind of like having them watch over the family as it grows and ages up without them.  The two are constantly calling and visiting.

06-20-18_8:31:45 PM

The family likes chatting all the time.

06-20-18_7:35:39 PM

I have started keeping some of Hope’s paintings because I like them.  The family are getting rather rich, so I will probably rebuild the house.  Or, more likely, download one from the sim exchange because I am lazy.  I also got Mirth a job in the teen Handy career.  That is all for now, I will try to take more pictures next time.  They are just kind of dull.

Also thinking about getting a pet, but now sure if I should do a dog or cat yet.



Grace Legacy: Chapter 7

06-16-18_6:10:56 PM

And we have here the third generation child Joy Grace.  She is cute; a good blend of Don Lothario and Vincent Feng genes.

06-16-18_6:15:38 PM

“So I’m heir right?” -Joy

This family does love spending time together.

06-16-18_6:17:01 PM

Joy is a little genius and working on the mental kid aspiration.  She plays chess with her Aunt thinking it would be an easy win since she is a meat head, always exercising and lifting weights.

Joy does not win.

06-16-18_7:04:53 PM

“Hey, get off that computer, it is mine!” – Felicity.

I got the warning that her days were numbered, and let her wander around doing whatever she wanted, which was mostly watching TV or playing games on the computer.  I also had her work really hard with Mirth seeing as toddlers gain skill faster if taught by an elder.

06-16-18_7:24:56 PM

Hope was literally making a cake for Mirth’s aging up when Felicity stood up and the camera focused on her.

06-16-18_7:25:01 PM

“Aww shit.” – Hope

Hope could have begged for her life, but you know what, Felicity was now boring so I let her die.

06-16-18_7:26:22 PM

“And they says I can’t be heir since I”m a boy?  How unfair!” – Mirth

Yes, Mirth went up and did “talk to strangers” on the grim reaper.

06-16-18_7:27:02 PM

It’s almost like Felicity still got to be a part of Mirth’s aging up, even if just in a vase of ashes.

06-16-18_7:36:20 PM

He’s cute.  He is going to work on the art aspiration so he can make the family money via painting.  Though I am thinking of putting him into the science career and trying to get an alien baby.

06-16-18_7:51:02 PM

I will sum it up quickly by saying both got their aspirations, and then I had them each work on the other one so they both have the art and mental aspirations done.

06-16-18_8:08:27 PM

It wasn’t even one night before Felicity started hanging out and breaking bathroom toilets and tubs.  I had to hide her grave in the family inventory because I got sick of people getting over the mourning moodlet only to get it again by crying at her grave.


06-16-18_8:10:44 PM

Charity topped her LTW of Bodybuilder, but she is still working on getting to the top of the athletic career.  She is focusing on the sports one.

06-16-18_8:28:27 PM

“I topped my career.” – Hope.

Hope has reached the top of the culinary career getting the family that awesome fridge, and she reached her culinary LTW so she is now working on the being rich one.  I always put sims into that one after reaching the first one.  It’s easy and I don’t have to do anything for it except make them work.

06-16-18_8:31:27 PM

She also took over painting.

06-16-18_8:35:11 PM

These two are BFFs.

06-16-18_8:47:40 PM

Don Lothario visits a lot, as does Vincent Feng.  I am thinking of aging them up since it seems wrong their family is getting old but they aren’t.

06-16-18_9:13:52 PM

Victor helped Mirth win his 3 games of chess.

06-16-18_8:52:24 PM

06-16-18_8:51:57 PM

The Mom’s love helping their kids with homework and projects.  I learned that by helping their kids, the parents ALSO learn skills from the projects.

06-16-18_9:18:07 PM

Hope became an official adult.  You can’t see him, but Victor Feng is clapping and singing to her.

06-16-18_9:54:02 PM

After getting two childhood aspirations, it was time for Joy to grow up into a teen.

06-16-18_9:54:51 PM

Wow, we will need to work on her!  She will be doing the Art LTW and joining the art career.




Grace Legacy: Chapter 6

06-09-18_12:33:18 PM

Hope started the new generation by inviting her half-sister’s father Don Lothario over.  The two became quick friends.  The next day Don invited her to visit his house.

06-09-18_12:50:13 PM


06-09-18_12:51:03 PM

It took two attempts before the pregnancy test came back positive.

06-09-18_12:53:41 PM

“So Mom, I have big news!” – Hope

“You got a promotion at work?”  -Felicity

“Well, I did  but I’m also cooking a different kind of bun in the oven!  And it is your second baby daddy’s kid!” – Hope

Felicity was actually thrilled at the news, surprising me since that meant she was going to be a grandma.

06-09-18_12:54:57 PM

“And you are now my favorite.”  -Felicity

06-09-18_12:58:01 PM

“So I hear you got knocked up by my Dad.” – Charity

“Well, I gotta do whatever it takes to get heir.” – Hope

06-09-18_1:08:57 PM

I had Felicity start focusing on painting since that is how she will make money after she retires.  She now is working on the LTW where she makes a lot of money.

06-09-18_1:21:31 PM

I sent Felicity and Charity to a local festival and saw this guy.  He. Is. Amazing.  Made contact for future generations.

06-09-18_1:28:47 PM

“Hello great hair!” -Charity

“That isn’t my name.” – Sim whose name I forgot to write down.

06-09-18_1:34:29 PM

So for the cooking LTW Hope needs to make 3 meals in one party, but she went into labor at Charity’s birthday party instead.

“Always trying to steal the limelight!” – Charity

At least Don was there for one of his kids birth.

06-09-18_1:58:04 PM

“So, Victor, did you hear what your daughter did with my father?” – Charity

“Sure did, and I am totally game for what you are thinking.” – Victor

06-09-18_2:00:01 PM

Yes I totally did.

06-09-18_2:01:03 PM

It only took one attempt with Victor.  They also did it in Felicity’s bed.  Ha ha, this amuses me.

06-09-18_2:17:15 PM

Everyone meet the newly toddlerfied Joy.  Too early to tell if she is cute or not.

06-09-18_2:22:40 PM

I had given the LTW for a soulmate to Charity, but decided since she was athletic and always working out so I would do the body builder one instead.  She now is in the athletic field, and she isn’t letting pregnancy stop her.

06-09-18_2:50:54 PM

Ugh a boy.  Unless he grows up drop dead gorgeous, Joy is most likely heir.

“I knew I could do it!” – Hope

Don’t get too happy Hope, I’m fickle and while I won’t have Charity have another go at Victor, I may decide to do the soulmate LTW with Mirth instead.

06-09-18_3:33:31 PM

Felicity, who became an elder before I could do a party for her, loves little Mirth who is really adorable.  He has the personality of a joker, which goes with his name.

06-09-18_3:54:56 PM

Felicity is a very hands on grandma!  She helped Joy age up, and I forgot to get her picture!  I mean, I totally meant to leave it on a cliff hanger!

I had Felicity retire, and she paints when she isn’t caring for the kids.  She raise their toddler skills faster with her.  Joy is going to work on the mental aspiration, so will be playing lots of chess with grandma.


Grace Legacy: Chapter 5

05-31-18_6:56:39 PM

In the last chapter Felicity reached her LTW to have 8 boyfriends/girlfriends and being the over achiever, she got 9.  I am now slowly doing the whole, “Let’s be friends” with everyone so she no longer gets pissy people everywhere she goes and flirts with someone.  She also got to the top of the political career.  Charity up there is still working on her childhood LTW to top her Motor Skill.  I guess I see how the computer does this?  No I don’t.

05-31-18_7:18:28 PM

Hope is working on her LTW to top the cooking career or whatever, the one that gets me the fridge.  She HATES cooking, her fun drops like a stone when she does.  She is a perfectionist, so maybe the cheap stove does it?  She is also a foodie.

05-31-18_7:31:49 PM

Much like Hope before her, Charity wants to dress up as a bear all the time.  I finished her Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration and powered through her Child prodigy just before she hit teen.  This makes her the heir I think.  Maybe, I keep changing my mind.

05-31-18_7:42:02 PM

One more chance to wear the bear costume.  “I wish for honey!”

05-31-18_7:50:28 PM

She is kinda pretty.  So here are my thoughts, and if anyone is reading this, feel free to give input.  Whoever I choose as heir, they will get pregnant by the other’s dad so I can have both Vincent’s and Don’s DNA.  Is that gross?  I have aging for sims outside the household off.

05-31-18_7:55:24 PM

They are BFFs, but Hope keeps falling into a temperamental snit and no matter how they get along, they lose friendship.

05-31-18_7:58:18 PM

I really like Charity.

05-31-18_7:59:37 PM

I made her get to know her Dad, as they had no relationship before this day in the park.

06-08-18_10:48:05 AM

As far as I know Felicity no longer has a girlfriend or boyfriend, this guy being her last “let’s be friends”  Did I forget to do her exercise outfit because that looks ridiculous.

06-08-18_11:20:00 AM


06-08-18_11:36:46 AM

And this will be the last chapter in the founder section.

06-08-18_11:36:56 AM

Felicity is not amused.


Grace Legacy: Chapter 4

05-27-18_4:58:00 PM

Another day in the Grace Legacy where Felicity has to take all her nefarious activities outside.  She flirted with one of her six significant others Candy Behr, and secured her vote before sending her home because her youngest prodigy has aged up.

05-28-18_2:21:04 PM

Since Charity needed to get her childhood wish concerning the motor skill, I had her go with her sister to the local park with every child that Hope knew.  The group of them played together and bonded and earned lots of motor skills.

05-28-18_2:27:25 PM

I gave in to a wish to go on a date, and she invited out Don Lothario, but guess who saw them get handsy?  Poor Candy was broken hearted, but I did get her to forgive Felicity later on.  The problem of running into sweethearts happened at every place in town, so I had to start focusing on romancing people at the house.

05-28-18_2:39:33 PM

Nancy Landgraab was the next focus, but the woman refused to give it up.  She wouldn’t even do a hand kiss, nor would she promise to vote for Felicity so the bitch was sent packing.

05-28-18_2:50:52 PM

So, we worked on Diego Lobo.  It worked, but this time Victor AND Catalina saw her fooling around.

05-28-18_3:01:57 PM

“Mom is a whore, that’s what daddy says anyway.” – Hope

“But at least she is happy.” – Charity.   “Do you know the answer to number 5?”

05-28-18_3:25:29 PM

Suddenly Hope entered a ‘phase’ where she wanted to dress up like a bear.  When she wasn’t, she literally was depressed and moped the whole time making it hard to level art.

05-28-18_3:28:09 PM

I mean I found it hilarious, but wished she’d get over it.

05-28-18_4:20:23 PM

This by far was the best.  You can see that Victor forgave Felicity, but Hope sat there the whole time as a silent rebuke for messing up her childhood.

05-28-18_3:51:33 PM

Kiss number 9 from Vincenzo Snider, and he became her 7th boo.

05-28-18_4:00:58 PM

Then followed Aaron Farrar, who was kiss number 10 and boo number 8.

05-28-18_4:07:30 PM

Gunther Munch was number 9 boyfriend.  I got 9 for her because she need 3 legendary dates, so we had to have them at home and her last three boos filled the date spots nicely.  So what I’m saying is Felicity no longer has to be the town bicycle.  Her next LTW is the money one because it is easiest to not have to focus on.  I will slowly have her break up with everyone so she no longer has to worry about random flirts pissing off everyone whenever she goes outside the home.

Plus as level 9 politician, she doesn’t want the tabloids getting wind and ruining her solid family reputation her platform is built on.  *snort*

05-28-18_4:14:25 PM

Hope and Charity celebrated getting their childhood wishes completed by becoming BFFS.

05-28-18_4:33:39 PM

Just in time for a quick birthday party for Hope.  We invited her dad over to be present, I doubt we’ll do the same for Charity since Don never comes around anymore.

05-28-18_4:43:15 PM

And this is Hope Grace.  I forgot to write down what wish she has, I think it is the cooking one.  She picked up foodie as a trait.

05-28-18_4:43:20 PM

I may have to fix her up a bit with a visit or two to the gym if she is going to be that.  I will admit, I want to give Felicity a husband, but feel it better if I don’t.  She has done so well for the girls and herself, so I may just let her continue being the town bike.